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New beginnings start with consultations in Mitchell

When you hear the word “consultation,” you probably imagine sitting across the desk from a dry business professional, on the receiving end a one-sided dissertation, as your bill mounts by the minute. That couldn’t be further from reality, in consultations with Mitchell prosthodontist, Dr. Douglas Weir. His passion for your superior denture experience is evident from the first greeting, through treatment and follow up. At New Beginning Dentures, YOU are an important part of the consultation.

Scheduling a consultation

The hallmark of Dr. Weir’s practice is undivided, personal attention to one patient at a time, beginning with consultation. Simply call (866) 777-6864 or use the website app to set up a meeting time.

People from across the state and beyond seek Dr. Weir’s specialized care. For convenience, private consultations can be conducted:
  • In person at the New Beginning Dentures office on Dixie Highway in Mitchell, IN.
  • By telephone.
  • With a computer video conference call.

What is discussed

Expect this discussion to be lively and informative, with plenty of give and take. Dr. Weir is determined to arrive at the denture solution that solves your concerns and meets your goals.

The two of you will talk about your:
  • Oral health.
  • Overall wellness.
  • Likes and dislikes regarding your smile.
  • Previous denture experiences.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Diet.
  • Budget.
  • Time constraints.
  • Location – whether you will need to stay overnight for treatment (the practice can arrange accommodations on your behalf).

Then Dr. Weir explains appropriate treatment options. Together you determine a pathway to success, and you know step-by-step what will transpire.

Cost of consultation

Absolutely nothing. The only way to determine if Dr. Weir’s specialized services are right for you, and to avoid wasting your time, is to have this thorough discussion.

At New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell, consultations are entirely free, and there is no obligation to commit to treatment. Call (866) 777-6864 to get started on your new smile.


New Beginning Dentures
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I doubt that there is anywhere you could get a service better than this. Everyone is so kind and considerate. I have had a lot of work done that was not too comfortable, but everything was done to make it easier and with kind understanding. They are wonderful.

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