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Conventional dentures with remarkable fit in Mitchell

Senior woman in the dental office Most dental procedures, such as fillings and crowns, vary little from patient to patient. Dentures, however, have the power to either enhance or impair appearance, comfort, health, and enjoyment of life. Individualized design and fit is crucial. Dr. Douglas Weir takes an unconventional approach to creating conventional dentures that give new hope to Mitchell area patients.

What are conventional dentures?

A conventional denture is a fully removable prosthetic. It is created and inserted into the mouth after teeth are removed and soft tissues have healed.

New Beginning offers advanced options such as immediate and implant supported dentures. However, conventional dentures remain a popular solution for many people. With Dr. Weir’s unique one-on-one process, patients with conventional dentures enjoy superior fit for relaxed confidence and maximum chewing function.

Why some dentists hate making dentures

Denture technique isn’t taught thoroughly or well in dental school, so dentists feel uncomfortable with the process. They may make only a few each year, so they don’t gain adequate experience. Patients are unhappy with results. The cycle repeats.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Weir provides a niche service – dentures created for optimal fit, appearance, and function. He loves his work, and it shows in every outcome.

The New Beginning difference

  • What the patient wants is top priority.
  • Dentures fit securely through all mouth movements – open, closed, left to right, and everything in between.
  • Color of teeth is precisely customized. Dr. Weir analyzes the characteristics of natural teeth before they come out, mimicking (or improving upon) subtle variations in shading.
  • Most dentists send plaster casts to a lab with instructions to “make dentures.” Dr. Weir includes detailed notes and images. In many cases, he handles the lab work in-house for full control of results.

Conventional dentures can be so much more than you imagine. Call New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell for a no-cost consultation with Dr. Weir. The number is (866) 777-6864.


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I doubt that there is anywhere you could get a service better than this. Everyone is so kind and considerate. I have had a lot of work done that was not too comfortable, but everything was done to make it easier and with kind understanding. They are wonderful.

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