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Dental FAQs

I am unhappy with my dentures, or I think I need dentures. Where do I start?

Call New Beginning Dentures at (866) 777-6864 to schedule a no-cost consultation. Dr. Douglas Weir is a prosthodontist who specializes in all aspects of denture planning, design, and placement, including complex cases.

What makes New Beginning Dentures different?

Dr. Weir focuses on one patient at a time, completing treatment efficiently, with unsurpassed attention to detail. Instead of a lengthy series of appointments spread over several weeks or months, he sends patients home with great looking, comfortable smiles in just two or three days. Much of the fabrication is conducted in-house, and Dr. Weir works closely with a professional dental lab for full control of results.

What are my denture options?

That depends on your situation. In general, patients may choose:
  • Conventional “floating” dentures – With Dr. Weir’s superior methods and materials, these dentures look natural and fit snugly.
  • Immediate dentures – Designed and created in advance, these dentures are inserted the day of extractions. You are never without teeth.
  • Implant supported dentures – Just a few dental implants anchor a denture securely in place for amazing stability, confidence, and chewing function.
  • Partial denture – To replace one or multiple missing teeth in an arch.

Will I be able to eat normally?

Dr. Weir’s techniques create dentures that fit exceptionally well. This minimizes movement so you can eat a normal diet without developing sore spots. Denture wearers should, however, avoid very hard or sticky foods, which might damage the prosthetics. Implant supported dentures provide the highest level of chewing function.

What about appearance?

Think about people you’ve met who have artificial, blocky smiles. Now imagine creating your own smile, tooth by tooth. That’s the difference at New Beginning Dentures. The patient plays an important role in selecting the color of “gums,” shading of teeth, and arrangement of teeth. The result is a gorgeous, natural looking smile.

How long will it take to get used to wearing dentures?

Most patients adapt very quickly to Dr. Weir’s dentures, because of outstanding design and fit. The Doctor shares tips on learning to speak clearly, eat, and care for dentures.

Will I still need regular checkups?

Yes. While dentures can’t develop tooth decay, it is still important to monitor oral health with routine examinations. The hygiene team looks for signs of yeast or fungal infections and oral cancers. Your dentures get a deep, ultrasonic cleaning. Because mouth tissues change over time, denture fit also changes. The Doctor checks fit and suggests adjustments (relining) if needed. He also watches for denture damage that may require repair.

Can I afford New Beginning Dentures?

Many factors impact the cost of our dentures. Dr. Weir’s goal is to help patients get the smiles they deserve. The front desk staff works with you to maximize insurance coverage, and arrive at a convenient payment method for out of pocket expenses. We can also assist you in applying for low interest treatment financing.


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I doubt that there is anywhere you could get a service better than this. Everyone is so kind and considerate. I have had a lot of work done that was not too comfortable, but everything was done to make it easier and with kind understanding. They are wonderful.

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