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Denture problems? Finding dental solutions in Mitchell

Most young dentists don’t feel secure in their skills since denture techniques are not emphasized in early training. Because they do not like to make dentures, they don’t gain much experience. Their patients are left with denture problems, and a belief that this is the best the experience can be. Dr. Douglas Weir is changing that with dental solutions at New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell.

Denture solutions

Here are just a few examples of how Dr. Weir tackles denture problems adeptly, to help patients love their smiles again.

  • Superior fit – Dr. Weir believes that denture wearers should feel as comfortable with their mouths as those who have natural teeth. He uses special techniques to design dentures that fit securely, without sore spots. Extra steps include initial or time lapse impressions, second impressions, base plates, wax bite, and articulator.
  • Stability – As few as four dental implants hold a denture with an incredible level of stability for maximum enjoyment of eating.
  • Appearance – Each tooth is custom designed. Size, shape, and color can replicate the character of extracted teeth, or improve upon your smile with a shading technique that looks natural. You provide input on the exact placement of each tooth before final dentures are handcrafted. The result is uniquely YOU.


Throughout his professional career, Dr. Weir has lived a commitment to education and training in denture excellence. His unrivaled reputation has spread by word of mouth from one satisfied patient at a time. Today, individuals seeking solutions for denture problems come from everywhere for no-cost consultations. The team at New Beginning Dentures wants to be sure distance doesn’t keep you from getting a great-looking, comfortable smile. The practice will arrange and fund local accommodations for out-of-towners.

For dental solutions, call (866) 777-6864 to schedule an appointment at New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell.


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I doubt that there is anywhere you could get a service better than this. Everyone is so kind and considerate. I have had a lot of work done that was not too comfortable, but everything was done to make it easier and with kind understanding. They are wonderful.

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