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Immediate dentures for same day smiles in Mitchell, IN

Elderly woman with Dentures Many adults suffer with diseased and missing teeth because they do not want to be toothless for any length of time. Dentures can be a long-term solution, restoring attractive appearance and healthy chewing function. With immediate dentures from Mitchell prosthodontist, Dr. Douglas Weir, you don’t have to go a day without teeth.

Understanding immediate dentures

An immediate denture is a complete or partial prosthetic, designed in advance and inserted immediately after natural teeth are removed.

Dr. Weir uses a temporary relining material to re-fit immediate dentures as healing occurs. When soft tissue and bone shrinkage is stabilized, dentures receive a permanent reline. Or you may prefer to have new dentures made.

In the care of a conventional dentist, the process typically requires about five preliminary visits, spread over weeks or months. Because Dr. Weir focuses on one patient at a time, he dramatically compresses that time frame. He can have you in new teeth, start to finish, in two-to-three days.

Benefits of immediate dentures

Of course, the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to be seen without teeth. The technique has these additional benefits:

  • The shape, arrangement, and color of your own teeth can be more closely duplicated when some are still in your mouth.
  • Immediate dentures help to reduce bleeding and protect soft tissues as they heal.
  • You get a head start adapting to speaking with dentures.
  • You can eat more normally, sooner.
  • Facial distortion is minimized.
  • If you choose to have new dentures made after healing is complete, immediate dentures serve as spares. You won’t be without teeth if you misplace or break a denture, or if it must go back to the lab for relining.

Please don’t let concerns about going without teeth keep you from a beautiful, functional smile. Call New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell at (866) 777-6864 to find out if immediate dentures are right for you.


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