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Implant supported dentures transform Mitchell smiles

Tooth implantation, denture Conventional dentures rest on the gums, held in place by natural suction or gooey adhesive. Dr. Douglas Weir brings a higher level of stability and chewing function to patients, with implant supported dentures from New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell.

Something to get excited about

Many people don’t know this option exists. When they learn about it through a free consultation with Dr. Weir, they get really excited about the possibilities – smiling, laughing, speaking, and singing with confidence; eating a well-rounded diet; and liking what they see in the mirror.

A dental implant is a small cylinder of strong, biocompatible material. It is placed into the jawbone in a brief surgical procedure. Over time, bone fuses solidly with the implant. Just a few dental implants in an arch provide an incredible level of stability for a denture.

An implant supported denture is appropriate for the patient who has no teeth in the arch (or chooses to have existing teeth removed), but has enough bone to sustain implants. If bone is insufficient, Dr. Weir may be able to supplement it with grafts.

What to expect:

  • Personalized attention. Dr. Weir cares for one patient at a time. He completes this process in just a few consecutive days.
  • Metal bar or ball attachments that are visible when the denture is out.
  • To remove and clean the denture, the attachment points, and your mouth at least nightly.
  • Sleeping without teeth.
  • To have clips or attachments checked and replaced periodically.
  • Ease in speaking, since the denture can’t slip, wobble, or pop out.
  • Eating foods you love.
  • A lighter denture that covers less of your palate, so you taste and feel temperature more naturally.
  • A fuller, youthful facial appearance.

Implant supported dentures from Dr. Weir at New Beginning Dentures in Mitchell, IN are life-changing for patients who have struggled with poorly-fitted teeth. Call (866) 777-6864 to schedule a consultation.


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I doubt that there is anywhere you could get a service better than this. Everyone is so kind and considerate. I have had a lot of work done that was not too comfortable, but everything was done to make it easier and with kind understanding. They are wonderful.

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